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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much does it cost to get an estimate?

    • All it takes is a phone call, fax or email to arrange a local site visit and get an estimate. Out-of-town customers can forward information to our office so that we can review the scope of work and estimate the costs in their area.

  • How soon can we get our work done?

    • Usually, we can arrange to begin work within 3-5 working days. In emergencies, we do our best to get tools and personnel to the site ASAP.

  • Does ISI work out of the Chicago area?

    • Yes we do. In the past few years, we've performed work in 10 different states. We are signatory to International Agreements with various trades and can perform work under the National Maintenance Agreement, which really helps to keep your costs down.

  • Does ISI also perform electrical and piping work?

    • Not with our own forces, but we work with many very capable subcontractors that handle that type of work for our Customers.

  • We have our own Maintenance Force in our plant, but they are always too busy to perform some maintenance items. Can ISI help with this work?

    • With the tough economy, most plants have cut down their Maintenance Force to downsize their overhead expense. ISI can help accomplish your maintenance wish lists without adding to your fixed overhead costs. Once the job is done, we move on to the next project within your plant or to our other Customers' jobsites. We're only a phone call away.

  • We have some very tough areas that need maintenance work with very little access for our personnel. Can ISI put access platforms around the area to make it safer for our people to maintain?

    • Absolutely. We are constantly asked to visit jobsites to come up with solutions for easier, and more importantly, safer maintenance. We can design access platforms, production line cross-overs, equipment support platforms, etc. These units can be fabricated at our shop, out of the way of your production areas, delivered to your site and installed when required. Platforms can be fabricated from carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

  • Once our machinery has been installed, can ISI provide routine maintenance, precision alignment checks, etc?

    • ISI handles all aspects of machinery installation, relocation, modifications, maintenance assistance, precision alignment, laser alignment, fabrication work, etc. on a continual basis as required for our Customers.

  • We just purchased new equipment but the vendor does not perform the installation work. Can you help us with that work?

    • We'll contact your machinery vendor to get the necessary unloading, preparation and installation details and work with their Field Supervisors to get the job done on time. Count on us to get the details right the first time.