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Safety is our top priority.


Safety ImageAt Installation Services of Illinois, we believe that nothing is of greater importance than the personal safety and health of our employees, facility personnel, subcontractors, suppliers, clients, and surrounding communities.

Custom Safety Solutions

We offer you custom built OSHA-compliant access platforms, crossovers, stainless steel handrail and safety containment, safety ladders, and comprehensive maintenance services for safety inspection and compliance-readiness.

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Meeting the Highest Compliance and Regulatory Standards

Our progressive safety program is focused on educating our workforce, identifying potential safety hazards, and enforcing accident prevention practices. Moreover, ISI requires its employees, subcontractors, and all visitors to the job-site to understand and abide by any and all applicable OSHA Standards. In addition, any pertinent state and local regulations will be observed and complied with.


The safety program at ISI focuses on continuous enhancement. If an incident does take place, we identify the underlying causes and learn from them. We have ongoing engagement with our employees to reinforce the importance of a safety-first culture. We recognize how easy it is to become complacent and strive to keep safety at the forefront by reviewing our weekly safety topics with every employee.

ISI is a contractor member of ISNetworld.


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